by Subhabrata Nandi

This is the Part II of a series of cityscape paintings by artist Subhabrata Nandi 

Mrinal Ghosh
Eminent Art Critic

Subhabrata Nandi, since his childhood, grew up in an urban environment. The gradual decay in it’s human values was shocking to him. He enraged his protests through his paintings. To him the concrete highrises appeared as symbols of arrogance of power that polluted the beauty and positive values. In his painting he took up this subject of structural constructions as a theme. In the beginning the representation was somewhat realistic. Gradually the realism metamorphosed towards expressionist fantasy postulating a kind of wildness, violence and dark terrorism. The despondent void now takes a desolate form transmuting the reality into abstraction. Subhabrata thereby creates a quivering form of structural abstration and adds a new one in the multifarious approaches in abstractions that are being practiced in contemporary art.

Bipin Goswami
Eminent Sculptor

Subhabrata uses very few colours – mainly black and white, interspersed intermittently with touches of Red and Blue. He holds up a disturbing mirror image of the metaphorical lopsided architecture of the city-scape.

From his first Solo Show at “Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, North Gallery, 5 – 12 April 2017


Subhabrata Nandi

Bachelor of Visual Arts (1996), Calcutta University, Subho is a member of “Calcutta Painters”, the second oldest artists’ group (1964) in Kolkata as well as in India, since 2008.


As a member of “Calcutta Painters”, he regularly participates in the periodic and annual expositions. Apart from these, he regularly participates in various important group exhibitions and curated shows within India and abroad including one at Vancouver (Canada) and Dhaka(Bangladesh)

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