Dear country,
Tears are rolling down to my feet.
I don’t know where I was stuck.
There is no vehicle for me to go back,
no train, not even a path.
Fortunately a truck emerged from nowhere !
Accumulating all my retail cravings,
I paid the driver saying-
“Would you please take me home ?”
and I climbed up with all my nights,
shattered and wasted .
I am unable to penetrate his countenance .
I can’t see the faces of lascars.
Only a pitch dark never-ending roadway
is lying ahead.
The troops of shadows are strolling…
The shadows of pepper-fields, cement, marble-stones,
the leftovers of hotel, the shadows of cleaving diamonds
and what not..
Our truck is not even honking its horn.
It’s simply moving forward crushing them carelessly !
From the roof,
reclining on the stacks of straw,
I can behold the astral downpour.
Along with me, the firmament has been
the witness of this indescribable night,
and through our backs…sprouting…
the rhythm of ‘chal chaiya chaiya chaiya chaiya..’
( Walk ahead ,keeping your head
in the shade of love.. )


Trishna Basak

A B.E. and M.Tech from Jadavpur University, Trishna has left her lucrative career for the passion of writing and now she is a full time writer and editor. Her five-year work experience at Sahitya Academi, Kolkata has given her opportunity to come in contact with many Indian writers and editors from regional languages.

She has 5 books of poems, 7 books of short stories, 6 novels, two book of essay to her credit. She has also edited several books of translations. She regularly translates from Maithili, Hindi and Malayalam. She has been awarded several prestigious awards like Sahitya Academi Young Writer Travel Grant, . Ila Chanda Smriti Puraskar by Bangiya Sahitya Parisat 2013, Somen Chanda Smarak Samman by Paschimbanga Bangla Academy 2018, Sahitya Kriti Samman by Karigar 2019, Namita Chattopadhyay Sahitya Samman 2020 to name a few.

She loves experimenting with words, and her writings bear the wounds of modern terror-stricken world and as well as the estrangement of technology dominated relationship.

At present she is Secretary of Kolkata Translators Forum.


Translated by :

Subhrasankar Das

Subhrasankar Das hails from Tripura, India. He is an award-winning poet and translator of distinct repute and a passionate composer. Das authored three books of Bengali poems and an ebook of English poems. He is the editor of ‘Water’ and ‘Shadowkraft’. He has translated some of the significant literary pieces of Shyamal Bhattacharya, Larissa Shmailao, Mario Santagostin, Linda Pastan, Trishna Basak and others. His verses and prose-pieces have appeared in numerous papers, magazines and webzines.

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