Word of Peace

Word of Peace

A word of peace to you I say
A world of peace I wish in dismay
Who knows the pain of starvation?
When all busy with their own migration
Who knows the Agony of life?
When you have everything rife
Smirks of old vintage to the pastel world
Incised ‘old is gold’ letting the insults hurl
Being incentive of lush ‘green’ not to be seen
They Seek asylum like reffos in this rout scene
‘Karma plays it back’; pay-off to no guard
Iffy buildings jumbled like the deck of cards
The cosmic sky stood erect ready to engulf
I wish to eclipse and crusade this woe; it’s enough
No more delightful plays to put forth
Just a glimpse of mortal sins heading to death
Save me a happy palette; exclaimed to bare space
Even the air rustled fostering pun; blinded by mace
Why did i have a life? To me; repeat
Why did i have a life? To live idle no one to meet
No, I can’t change the thoughts of people
Onetime they act nasty and the next, sweet as a ripple.
I didn’t see the point in life for such folks.
As long as they know pain makes the heart soft.
Don’t give up. Don’t go behind.
Light the way I show you, I plead!

Yes I am done,
I am done with the thought which are vapid
But deep inside, I know it shall prevail
Unaware of how long it might take to sail
A word of peace I wish to hear
A world of peace I dream in tear,
Good and bad is a frame of mind
Good is rare scenery, or am I blind?
Me, a random person, longing for kind eyes
But time doesn’t wait, I know it flies.
One day it will all change, I suppose
Fingers crossed, hoping the evils corrode.
Let smiles spread.
Let peace thrive.
Then to the world of peace, I dive.


Athulya V Varma

Athulya V Varma, from Vaikom in Kerala is currently a student of BSc. in Biotechnology in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kollam.

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