Join Montage !

Join Montage !

Montage” is a blog launched and managed by LifePrep Supplementary Education. This blog strives to be a platform for those aspiring writers/artists who wish to be seen alongside established, experienced, celebrated writers/artists and to have their creations/writings reach as many readers as possible.

These writings and works of art, which will be shared across multiple platforms on social media will provide the aspiring talents the exposure as well as encouragement which will make a world of difference to their confidence and self-belief. This interactive blog platform will engage the readers and the writers/artists in meaningful conversations.

The blog will accept and publish articles in any of the categories – Short Stories, Poems, Cartoons, Drawings, Paintings, Reviews of Movie/Book/Literary Work, Travelogue, Experiences (about a particular event, incident etc) in English, Hindi and Regional Languages. There is a separate section for Essays/write-ups – on any subject/topic which provides knowledge or insight into it for the reader. The topic could be Technology related or one to create awareness on a subject.

A brief profile of the author, which includes a photograph along with a brief profile, will be published along with the article.

About the Submission of Articles for Publication:

  • All articles to be sent by e-mail only to
  • The articles should be attached with the e-mail and not to be given in the e-mail body. A brief profile of the author with a passport size photograph also has to be attached separately with the e-mail.
  • Essays, Stories, Poems, Travelogues, Reviews etc has to be word formatted – in MS Word. Images are allowed to be part of the item. Scanned copies of written documents are not acceptable.
  • Quotations or extracts within the articles, if any, from any source should be put within quotation marks and clearly indicated by naming the source within brackets after the quotation or extract.
  • There is no specific limit in the number of words in an article. However, the authors are expected to keep the items short and compact.
  • Drawings/Paintings have to be submitted as .jpg or .png files. Scanned copies of drawings/paintings are acceptable.
  • Separate section is provided for kids (5 to 14 years) and others (above 14 years)

Thanks & Regards,

Editor – Montage

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Editor - Montage

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