An Arduous Journey

An Arduous Journey

Why do gloom form on a
Duskiness of gleaming stars??
Why do cherubs sleep in
Heaven full of blossoms?
Am I napping ?Am I musing?
Clasp on this flash so delighted
Still the breeze of her love
Touch on my countenance
Our resurgence for a novel brand day!
Whispering the starvation it had..
Hence amaroidal, sweet tasted
Those days were serene as silk
Memories tasted sweeter
Even more sweeter…
Opportunities for success,
Being original and progressive
Those sense of freedom
But obstacles turning to frustration
Determining our unique core purpose
For the soul in me; couldn’t be evoked still
The agony they took; we didn’t realize
Until they were immersed in sludge
They might never seek for
Something but the next day
And that relentless plane crash
Had an insufferable breath
Forsaking a pilot’s profound commitment
They whizz painfully with suffocation
Until secured with some,
Glorified souls ;they deserve to be
Why not ?Did this humility launch at the earliest?
Anticipated about a lot more catastrophe
Which really didn’t cease it’s scorch
Corona leaving a cluster of
Unrevealed customs and divisions
Lay hold off lives of impoverished
A glance to the flood
Coming as a guest to wipe the rest
Wish being an anonymous
Going beyond money, beauty
Power , expectations but
The arduous journey continues..
Farewell to all those
Pictures ,togetherness ,warmth ,love
A thrive for those days
Because they never turned into hardships
No conversations indispensable
A mindful of happiness!
Memories that captured in my heart forever..
Hands United for the days to rebound
Indeed time waits for no Man!
A spoonful of love ,from beloved ones
The aroma of love…those days
Are captured in my eyes
Like a well defined camera
For them being the sweetest
Wish if it could happen all of a sudden
For those good occurrence..
Who really doesn’t want a shift?
Not from those what you anticipate
But a shift to the finest
We desire for!!
The door isn’t closed..
The door to the eternal power!!


Reny K Robby

Reny K Robby is from Thrissur, Kerala. She is a Pharmacy student.

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