by Pinaki Prasad Khan

Is there any assurance
that ‘ll u get another minute?
So in order to live truly
extract the moment full and tight.
To cry loud cry from your heart
So not a drop remains in the cry wall mart!
To lough give it all,
Mind gets ecstatic only in minutes,
What you think as life is
Built in blocks of minutes.
Fall in love fall in love
Ignoring barrier of time,
Don’t attribute much to the essence of past and future in course for its rhyme!
A cursory glance towards history, the moments remain.
A minute’s work essentially becomes the life’s domain.
An advance calculation is of no use,
Since nobody knows for sure if he will be still kicking in the dust when
Next dawn infuses.
Let every minute live in truest sense
And when the next minute comes it will be future tense!
And the bygone minutes remain as a past tense!
If u go for a wild dance,
Just do it now.
Since its only 60 secs you ‘d get as your soulmate now.
Its really fuzzy to know how many minutes are in store of time bank,
So cherish every minutes of your life with
Every minute’s chunk!!


Pinaki Prasad Khan

Pinaki Khan is an Electrical Engineering Graduate from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Having spent a significant part of his career in leading IT MNCs, he is currently an independent Consultant. He is also a National level Bridge player and enjoys writing.

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