The flesh is Your’s! The bones are Mine!

The flesh is Your’s! The bones are Mine!

Piu Mahapatra

The flesh is your, honey,
But let me keep my bones
For a dog, dark and brown,
It’s genital unknown…
As it waits through the noon
Darker than the nights,
The glass panes are blue behind the tree line.

Keep  my bones, dear,
Collar bones? Spare!!
For it to crush and crunch
In it’s darkest despair,
As here the snow freezes slowly to ice,
Hazing the sill and drooping the pines.

Consume my folds!
They are your’s  forever!
Lumbers of the spine
Unassembled, for a taker,
Trembling in anguish
It’s water bowl’s dry…
Plunge in my heart Poet,
In the days of goodbye.


Piu Mahapatra

Profession- Visiting art consultant, Art critic and Curator


Education- Master in Fine Arts, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University


Apart from painting, illustrating, doodling, and making pathetic attempts to write, the only good thing done by me so far, is letting my child grow with his wings. I do not ‘teach’ art and I have strong dislike for that verb. I try to write for children and in that process, I revisit my childhood only to recreate a galaxy for myself, where the innocence, curiosity and wonder still promises to light up the darkness around. As all my dreams are in Bengali, and Lila Majumder never refrained from casting her shadow, I spontaneously choose the language of this city, ‘Bangla’ to pen down my world. Some of those stories got printed by mistake in magazines and online websites like Urja, Alpath, Probash, Dainandin and one or two attempted in a foreign language showed up, to my surprise in the pages of Virginia Monthly, Create.


But I mostly love to illustrate for and paint along with the little sunny faces of various age groups in different schools scattered all over the world. That is the only thing that makes sense, till something else comes up! After all life is unpredictable, thankfully.


Book Published – Chine Matir Putul

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